Updates One Through Seven

In June, I started a draft titled Updates One Through Seven. It’s time I returned to that, I think.

  1. We registered to run a marathon in October, our first. We’d been eating lavishly, and so running increasingly major distances to make up for it. We needed more intent than just to not get very fat, and so decided to run a half marathon. But when time came to register, I looked at Dan and Dan looked at me and we clicked “Marathon” and here we are. A sprained ankle is now involved. We have 3 weeks to go.
  2. Junot Diaz wrote me a personal rejection letter for a short story I submitted a few months ago to a literary review.
  3. Dan (plus his band Colouring Cats) recorded a demo after 4 weeks of early mornings and late nights. It’s about Ferdinand Magellan and “it couldn’t possibly be as bad as you’re imagining it is,” Dan tells everyone.
  4. I pickled chillies a few months ago, and we’ve finally cracked open a jar.
  5. Recently, a friend of Dan’s recommended we watch a Woodstock documentary because we don’t know anything about rock and roll. We learned that Woodstock was a boring sham.
  6. The days here are getting longer, warmer. It’s springtime.
  7. A long time ago, back in April, we took a balloon ride at sunrise.

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