Journal entries, May 2016

Broken Hill, 4 May 2016

Last night we found a room for $48 at the Black Lion Inn. It was between that and camping somewhere in the outskirts of the city and walking in. The room was in a bar/bottle-shop/drive-through. We had beers around town, and brought a box of garlic pizza to a bar as it was closing. The bartender didn’t mind. Even in Broken Hill, we went to bed past 10 and woke around 7. Good not to be separated by sleeping bags. This morning I had a hot shower, and we drove to Silverton. We went on a tour of the Day Dream mine. We bought cooking supplies and are now at the Demo Club so Dan can get some work done. We’re planning on camping up past Silverton and walking down the 2 hours to the Silverton Hotel for a drink.


Burra Gorge Creek, 6 May 2016

Today we drive the ~180km to Adelaide. We’ll have to calculate our mileage when we get home – we’ve gone far, but have barely encroached upon Australia at large. This spot is great camping: there are a few RVs but we can’t see them from our end. We arrived here around 4pm, which gave us enough light to comfortably set up, find firewood, etc. Night was v. windy – and the few embers we had in the fire lit. Luckily the gusts had awoken us to notice. So no more embers at bedtime. The night before, we stayed at a reservoir and Dan I hoped to walk the 9kms to the Silverton Hotel. The dark and remoteness rightly scared us from actioning that plan. And it would have been an 11km walk, it turned out anyways.

Driving out of Broken Hill, we hoped to get a coffee at a small town we drove through, but two of the hotel-restaurants we passed were both closed (even though, the first one at least, we arrived after the opening time stuck to the door). A group of Australian motorcyclists were drinking beer outside the porch. We kept driving. We tried to make eggs in front of the second hotel, but our stove pumping mechanism needed oil for lubrication, which we didn’t have. So we had some cheese. Finally signs of life at Yunta (“never close!”). 30kms off a dirt road we found ruins of a mining town, drove back, filled up, and got a six pack of Coopers (for $21!). Yunta seems like a middle-of-nowhere place it might be okay to stay, in the hotel, for a few days. We got stopped at a fruit fly inspection. I didn’t think we actually would – we forgot about the fruit & veg. Luckily the guy only asked for us to open the cooler, where we had mostly mushrooms and cheese and half a jalapeño from breakfast. The mushrooms (which we had been looking forward to for dinner that night) were safe, and he took our jalapeño. The flies in Australia suck. For dinner we had baked potatoes and mushrooms and toasted garlic bread. (Next time, keep the bread farther from the fire – we put the potatoes in first, then the bread 20 minutes later, and the mushrooms, and left everything for another 40 minutes. Camping degustation next time, too.)

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